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Why Spring is the Best Time to Install an Artificial Lawn

An artificial lawn in Chicago and Chicago suburbs is a mud solution with a popularity that’s spreading like wildfire. Spring is the perfect season to jump on the bandwagon and install artificial turf in your yard.

Spring in Chicago and the suburbs means you can expect thawing, rain, mud, and dead grass. Many yards are unsightly, and the seemingly never-ending cycle of rain and mud ensues. If we have a particularly wet spring, your yard doesn’t get a chance to recover, especially if you have kids or dogs that play, dig, and create muddy patches. If this sounds like your yard, you know how much time and frustration comes with wiping muddy paws and cleaning floors thanks to all the mud. Add in shade from trees, and the sun doesn’t have the opportunity to help dry the space out or allow more grass to grow. 

An artificial lawn is a perfect solution for hard-to-maintain areas that seem to rear their ugly heads each spring. Finally, you’ll be able to look out the window and see lush green throughout your entire yard regardless of the season, weather, dogs, or shade. Those who have an artificial lawn installed by GroTurf rave about the drainage ability of our product. Our 100% permeable backing system drains at a rate of 400 inches per hour, which is much faster than natural grass! This feature will alleviate any worry about the potential for odor-causing mold and mildew. This is one of the ways GroTurf protects your investment. 

Spring is the perfect time to install artificial turf in Chicago or the Chicago suburbs. Our spring clients are able to avoid all the mud and sloppiness, enjoy a very low maintenance lawn all summer, and then avoid all the mud and sloppiness that fall brings, too. Artificial grass is an intelligent long-term investment you’ll wish you made sooner! Interested in beginning the journey to your backyard bliss? Simply complete the inquiry form here, and we will be in touch soon!

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