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How to Maintain Your Artificial Grass in Chicagoland

Are you considering having an artificial grass lawn installed, but are unsure about the maintenance, durability, and longevity? GroTurf installs high-quality, long-lasting and easy to maintain artificial grass lawns (perfect for pet turf, too) in Chicagoland. When it comes to maintenance alone, it’s worth your investment. 

GroTurf has the best artificial grass in Chicago or the suburbs. GroTurf clients are consistently impressed with our product and its value. The minimal amount of maintenance has improved their lifestyle. Synthetic turf, in general, is very low maintenance, but the durability and longevity are directly related to the level of quality, thus making it a worthwhile investment – or not. Hiring GroTurf protects your investment, as we use only the finest, 8-year warrantied, American-made turf.

In terms of general maintenance, all that’s needed for your artificial lawn care is a plastic rake and/or leaf blower to remove the leaves and debris. Only use a leaf blower on a low setting; high settings will displace the sand or Envirofill infill that helps to weigh down the turf and keeps the blades upright. Anytime your turf needs some fluffing, especially after a long winter with snow, we recommend raking against the grain with your plastic rake. Ultimately you can kiss mowing goodbye and say hello to weekends full of more time for you and your family!

If you have dogs, we recommend spraying off your turf once a week with a hose during dry, rainless weeks in the summer months. Additionally, there are organic sprays that you may attach to your hose and apply to freshen the turf if you’d like.  Real Talk: Picking up dog poop is such a quick and simple task with artificial grass. It lifts it so nicely; you’ll never have to search for it! We consider this another maintenance bonus.

GroTurf is durable. Our clients with dogs have also raved about the durability of their artificial lawns in Chicagoland. They appreciate that their dogs can rambunctiously play, zoomies and all, without damaging the turf. Any digging also comes to a halt because the dogs won’t smell anything organic for which to dig.

Let’s talk longevity! Fake grass, in Chicago and the suburbs, is becoming a trend now that there is higher-quality products available. GroTurf artificial grass has specialized yarns that protect against fading due to harsh direct sunlight as well as matting, so your blades will remain brilliantly green and upright. In our Midwest climate, and with proper care, you can expect a GroTurf artificial lawn to last 15 years or more. 

Contact us today so we may schedule a time to show you turf samples and discuss how an artificial lawn will improve your yard and your life!

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